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Wendy StokesI was living and working in London in the 1970s and everyone was excited about ‘the New Age’ which was going to dawn as we drew closer to the end of the old millennium and the beginning of the new. We had high hopes for a world of the future where we could all live in peace and harmony, as ‘the Age of Aquarius’ suggested we could with the symbol of the water-carrier, the one who brought spiritual refreshment. When I visited California in the late 1980s, something interesting was happening called ‘channelling’ where mediums made contact with elevated spirits, such as angels and ascended masters who gave wisdom for our world. I was especially impressed by an American medium, Jane Roberts, who channelled a spirit, Seth and these messages were recorded and transcribed into books. A school has been founded to transmit Seth’s teachings.

Back in London, there was no centre where I could learn the art of channelling. I was enthusiastic so I started to channel on my own, learning the hard way by trial and error. Within time, I realised it was much easier to accomplish good messages with help of other people, so I started a home group and invited others to join me. I found many who came to the group had skills that they quickly passed to me and visa versa, so we grew in confidence and ability. Several of the mediums in the group wanted to start their own group, so I wrote a small manual. People from abroad heard of this course and asked me to send copies and so it became a distance learning course. Many people used the book to set up their own psychic channelling circle and then my book was picked up and published worldwide.

Channelling has become very popular, with spirit-inspired messages from angels, ascended masters and wisdom keepers from the spirit realms. Lightworking, spiritual guidance, planetary ascension and the development of higher consciousness are topics that are increasing in importance to our world.

We have experienced a time of political, financial and natural chaos. Financial meltdown of many rich Western countries caused by the banking collapse, the street riots in the UK in August, upheaval in the Middle East, famine exacerbated by war in the Horn of Africa, the discovery of fire retardants in the fat stores of Sperm Whales. The list of difficulties on a personal, societal and planetary level bring many people consider the meaning of life and how, and if, they can contribute to making the world a better place for those yet to be born.

Recent polls show that people who support a charity or who do voluntary work are happier and healthier than others who do not. Of course, if we want to live in a caring and considerate society, we must practise caring qualities. Finding a spiritual path leads to fulfilment, especially where we can share with others of similar values.

There is a smorgasbord of spiritual paths available to choose from. How do we decide which will be the most worthwhile? Do all spiritual teachers have feet of clay? For many, being told ‘what to believe and what to do’ is not appealing. In today’s world, intelligent people seek an experience where they can learn something of benefit to themselves and others, where they can share with others and where they can make a difference! One way to do this is to speak to Spirit and listen for advice and guidance.

We are not alone with our problems. Spirit teachers are waiting patiently for us to make contact so they can transmit to us the messages that will help in every way. Channelling is the way in which these spirit teachers distribute their messages for personal growth, societal change and planetary welfare.

This is a message channelled through the medium, Alison Stead. “The more materially sophisticated and technologically advanced we become, the further we move away from our soul, the source of our being. In a pursuit to make life easier, instead of appreciating simplicity, we over-complicate our lives. removing our mind from sensitivity, beauty, kindness and concern. In order to return to a state of spiritual wellbeing, we need to stop and slow down, listen to what we are being told by spirit guides as they pull at our heart strings to improve life for all people and animals on our precious planet. Our spirit knows what is right and good, healthy and kind when it experiences peace at its centre. After all the lessons have been learnt and we return to the truth, we will realise the Alchemy of our Masters – the power that brings humanity together with the Source of all life.”

Wendy Stokes is the author of ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’. It explains how to set up a group for divination, healing and channelling. ISBN: 978 1 84694 387 4 Wendy has donated her royalties to The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which protects endangered species from extinction.

Wendy is facilitating a live workshop of her book here: http://www.initiationworkshops.co.uk/psychic/facilitate-a-circle-for-healing-divination-channelling.html

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