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Helen Kingstone:

Helen is a transformational energy healer, hypnotherapist and life coach with over ten years experience in her field. Helen was inspired to change her life following a major life changing illness that awoke in her long forgotten intuitive abilities which, in turn enabled her to work with her own energy field in order to facilitate healing ...

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AstroTarot Channel

AstroTarot Channel is a monthly astrology blog and tarot video by Tiffany Crosara, about the energies for the coming month.

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See Yourself Enjoying the Journey ...  
There is nothing like jumping in your car or the train and going as far as you can go for really getting away from it all ...
Four miles away from Lands End you find yourself surrounded by the best beaches in the country. Hot white sand between your toes, powerful cleansing sights and sounds of turquoise sea and palm trees. Makes it hard to believe that you are still in England - but you are ...

Deep in the ancient rugged heart of the Celtic land of Cornwall you find yourself in a valley full of twists and turns, so lush and magical the only way to describe it is as a rainforest for the fairies. 
This is Lamorna, something is present here ...
something that can't seem to be found elsewhere. A certain magic hangs in the air, and initiates you into the valley as you descend down into the nooks and crannies, loosing all connection to the outside world. 

Picture in Your Minds Eye ...  
The beautiful camellias and azaleas, the huge rhododendrons, the lush woodland graced with natural pathways, bordered by daffodils, bluebells and irises that caress the stream as it tumbles down through the valley to reach the sea at Lamorna Cove.
Here ... Your Enchanted Retreat Begins  
Empowering your sense of relaxation and Psychic connection, the whole valley bends to cradle your experience. Choose your days for learning, or perhaps exploring; bring the family to holiday whilst you immerse yourself in the Lamorna magic so conductive to learning the ancient arts of Tarot, Astrology, Past Life Therapy, Psychic Development, Mediumship and Channelling with Tiffany Crosara.

Join Tiffany Crosara at the Fairy Glen ...  
Tiffany Crosara is a Qualified Psychic, Tarot Reader, Past Life Therapist, Healer and Teacher who reads and teaches for the world famous Mysteries in Covent Garden and Psychic TV. Tiffany has been running classes, courses and retreats for nearly ten years and her first book "The Transformational Truth of Tarot" won an award for best spiritual book of 2012.

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